Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not a Size 2!

It's the start of a new year...a time when most are starting on new weight loss resolutions. Not me. I actually made a conscious effort to start living a healthy lifestyle about a year ago, so let me start by saying.....

I am Not a Size 2.....and I am not trying to be!

Let's not kid ourselves though. Most if not all of us would love to be "smaller" and more fit we were when we were 18, but my main goal is to be healthy and toned.

There are several things in my life that prompted the lifestyle change. I have a sick/weak gall bladder, the potential of developing a fatty liver (mother has one and I have all the signs), only one functioning kidney, in excess of two inches of belly fat (heart disease risk), and just the general sense of disgust when I look in a mirror. As I mentioned before, I am not kidding myself....I want to look good for both me and my husband, but I also want to live a long, healthy life.

If you didn't catch it above, I am married. Stephen and I are going on 6 years, but have been dating since 1994. When we met, we were young, thin, and abused our most college kids. I could stay out all night and eat at Taco Bell every day - and did! Now just the thought of Taco Bell, and I think of it often among other things, sets my gall bladder into a tail spin.

So here I am, another year older. Oh, did I mention I just turned 35 on January 9th. While I have been trying to lead a healthy life, I haven't done all I can. My intent is to use this blog to journal my daily struggles with health, workouts, and diet. Maybe you'll relate. Maybe you'll learn something from my experience. Maybe you'll just keep me in check by knocking the Taco Bell bag and soda out of my hand! Regardless.....I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Good start to a great blog. Good Luck.-hc