Friday, April 22, 2011

Caffeine Addiction.....really?

Trying to kick this caffeine habit again.....but oh it's so hard. 

I say habit, but I am really addicted.  I can "kick" it for a while but it always comes back.  I guess I really never looked at it as an addiction....not until I read an article about it in some magazine....then googled Caffeine Addiction.

There are some symptoms of caffeine addiction to watch out for. First and foremost, do you need caffeine to survive? In other words, do you have to consume caffeine in order to get through the day? If so, you may have a problem. Additionally, if you experience headaches, irritability, and sleepiness when you attempt to cut out the consumption of caffeine, you may be addicted.

Yeah...that's me!

Last year, I managed to cut it out almost all together when I started marathon training, but then I hurt my leg.  I guess I started drinking it again for no good reason other then I wasn't running anymore.  The problem is that on those days when work got hard, my single can a day started turning into 2-4 cans.  That is scary, because there was a time, not so long ago, where I was drinking more then a 2 liters worth a day.

Hadn't thought about it much until I realized that yesterday I drank about 4 cans of sodas and only about 32 oz of bueno and no excuse!

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