Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Startng Over Again - The Blame Game!

So here is what happened....

Two months ago I ran a fantastic half marathon touted as "Texas Oldest Half".  I even PR'd!  And, I  was kicking hiney on my 5K pace.  Prior to the half marathon I decided to run a 10 mile trail run.  How hard could it be, right?  I can run 10 miles in my sleep. 

Ha! On the open road sure, but the trails worked a number on my ankles.  If you know me at all (read my previous post) it should be needless to say that - I hurt myself.  The problem is I just didn't know how badly.  You see I ran the trail run the weekend BEFORE the half marathon.  My left ankle was tender so I laid off it all week and just did yoga and elliptical training.  By Saturday I felt fine, so I ran he Half on Sunday.  At mile four my foot started hurting.  I thought I just tied my shoes too tight and they were rubbing.  Nope!  My foot was swelling!

Like a good, responsible runner.......I actually stayed off it for 4 weeks so my foot could heal.  I even got some fantastic Airrosti Therapy with Dr. Christenson.  By week four I felt great, so I got started again...slowly. 

One week later....boom - broken nose.

Two weeks after broken nose and six weeks off....I'm struggling to run 3 miles and my shorts are getting tight! 

I'd love to blame all my injuries, my doctors, my luck, but the fact remains....the only thing to blame is me.  I could have still been in the gym cycling, or (according to my husband) some light weight lifting.  And it's not to say that I didn't go some, but I still could have done more to keep my conditioning level up while I couldn't run. I also could have not eaten every thing it sight!

It's hard to break the eating habit though. When I'm running, I "cheat" a lot, but it's masked by the fact that I am burning a ton of calories. It also doesn't help that the MIL left us with a huge bag of Jelly Belly's that I can't seem to get it out of my head every night.  It's like they are calling my name...even the ugly Black Licorice and Root Beer Float ones.... ugh!

But's time to get my jiggly butt back on the wagon.  It's time to get my, semi straight again, nose back on the pavement and run.  It's time to stop eating junk.  No more Jelly Belly TV Snacks even if I have to throw them away....oh the torture! 

Pray I don't fall while I'm out running, working out, or just sitting at my desk.  Yes, it's happened before! =)  NO WHAMMIES!

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