Friday, May 21, 2010

New Training Mission

So it seems like I am always trying something new..... New diet, new workout program, etc...  I guess it is about time I came full circle.  I have a new training mission but it is really an old passion.  Running!

Okay, okay, so maybe I don't really run.  I'm more of a jogger with little spurts of energy, but none the less I totally love it.  I haven't really focused on running in a very, very long time, but something/ everything seemed to "click" this Spring enabling me to get back into it.

I first started running....gosh, as early as 8-9 years old.  Not exactly sure when, but I remember running one of my first "big" road race with my parents and Cousin when I was nine.  It was the Rey Feo/ San Antonio Fiesta 10k.  I was so proud of myself....I kept a 9 minute mile pace for the whole race.  Oh....and the Capital 10k in Austin.  My father and I even were pictured in the paper....along with a ton of other people....but you could see us!  But, even before that, some of my fondest childhood memories are of my parents at local road race just tagging along.  It was so exciting to watch all the adults race off the starting the sound of the gun.  Even more fun was the after race snacks and awards. 

My parents were part of the San Marcos Runners Club for a while when I was a kid, and my Dad was an avid runner.  He ran several marathons, and as I mentioned before, both my parents race a lot of local road races.  It always seemed like we running.  We'll I guess for my Dad it was training.  For me it was just fun.....for my Mom - a chore..heehee.  Especially the weekend runs/ walks we'd take.  We'd start at our house in the Westover part of San Marcos, trek all the way down to "town" then trek it back thru what is now west campus at Texas State, back to our house.  At that age I didn't realize how important that time was.  Major family time.... and the parents keeping fit.

I continued to run competitively thru high school.  You know in track and cross country, but I am the first to admit...I was SLOW!  I couldn't win a race to save my life.  I also wasn't focused, but hey....I always had fun.  My second to third year of college was probably the last time I really ran/ trained.  It was about that time I started having major back problems.  One day while running grass drills in soccer practice I even lost the feeling in both my legs.  Presumably from a pinched nerve.  In actuality, I have a herniated disk in my lover lumbar and tons of fascia damage in my lower glutes and upper hamstrings...but I'll save all the back problems for another time.  Soon after the back problems started, I also met my eventual husband, you can image what slowly started happening.  Less time running - more time hanging out with him...until my running days were all but over.

Fast forward to my 30's....yep...that's about a 10-12 year gap.   In 2009, I had a friend tell me she was going to run the Capital 10k.  I asked if could join her and we were off.  The only problem was that physically and mentally I was not really ready to push my body to run.  I did train and finish the race, but once it was over I was done.  That experience however, stuck with me and as the 2010 Capital 10K rolled around, I decided I was going to go for it again....and the training began!

Wouldn't you know it, though.....while out with friends, in these really sweet Michael Kors platform sandals I twisted my ankle......actually major bruising and swelling.  No Cap 10K race for me.  This accident didn't discourage me though.  It actually gave me more resolve to rest and recover then start a smart, but aggressive training program.

I am now recovered from my ankle injury and am on my forth week of the new training program.  I've never felt better, mentally, and physically.  I am exhausted by the end of the day, yes.  It's hard getting up before 5 am just to get my runs in, but it has been so worth it.  I am currently running between 2 and 4 miles three times a week and am slowly working up to my 10k pace.  I hope to find one to run in mid June.

My long term goals....well - some might say they are lofty distance goals, but I plan to take the training slow and steady...with the intent of reaching my goal distance in the fall.  I'll keep you posted (hopefully weekly) on my progress!

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