Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The First Mile's been 11 weeks since I injured my leg.  I actually only thought it had been 8-9 weeks, but just checked the calendar.  Wow...the days sneaked by.

I started training for my first Marathon, this summer, but on November 2nd, 12 days before the marathon, I went out for an easy 2 mile jog on a grass track, hit a divot and twisted my ankle which caused a chain reaction of problems in my left calf, shin, etc.  I was diagnosed with a Stress Reaction on my left tibia and massive soft tissue damage in both my calf and along the tibia/ shin line.  One walking boot (3 weeks) and several sessions of Airossti Therapy later and I am "healed".

On Monday I ran my first mile of the year.  Feels good to be back.

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