Friday, February 4, 2011

Week Three: 20 degrees and a wind chill of ........

This week started great.  I went out for a jog after work Monday.  It was a beautiful 70 degrees around the River Ridge loop.  The wind was kicking, as the the "Winter Storm" was starting to blow in. 

I went out on Monday, even though I originally planned to go to the gym to cross train.  I knew that this was probably going to be the only nice weather day, so I took advantage of it.  Thank goodness I did.  As we all know, the temp dropped to below freezing and the wind were swirling as high as hurricane force. thank you!

Look, I'm not afraid of a little weather.  I love running in a little rain or even a little tail wind but.....20 degree with a wind chill of ZERO....not a chance.  Never mind that I don't have the proper clothing to go out an run in this weather, but my Texas breed body just isn't used to this kind of weather.

The temp is supposed to jump back to normal Saturday, so 'till then........

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