Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm in no shape to run the Capital 10k

A girlfriend, Jannah, e-mailed last week and asked if I'd be interested in running the Capital 10K. Wow, that is 6.4 miles. Let me Okay, but I am a little nuts, so I actually told her yes. I've run this race before, as a pre-teen, with my father. I think it would be exciting to run this again. The only problem.....I am in no shape to run 6.4 miles.

I can run....but slowly, on a treadmill. I have not run outdoors in probably 2 years. Almost stepped on a snake, one morning. That was enough to bring me indoors indefinitely. Have I also ever mentioned that I have a herniated disk in my lower back and my last doctor told me I should run! What do they know ~

Last I tried, I can run almost 3 miles on a treadmill. The race is on March 29th, so I have a little over a month to train for the other 3.5 miles. I am not going to stress over this too much. Jannah is not an avid runner either, so if we have to walk some we will both be okay with it.

My goal for this race is to use it as motivation to keep training (loss weight) and to finish the race without walking. I do not care what my time is, I just want to finish without walking!

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