Monday, January 24, 2011

Week Two: OMG....It's too early

Ten after 5am came WAY too early this morning.  Yeah....that's why I feel back asleep, waking up frantically at 5:40....."oh S*@t!".  I'm late.  I wanted to get started no later then 5:30.  I finally managed to start my morning run at 6:10am.  Man, almost screwed up on the first day.  At least I didn't just say..."F" it and go back to bed.  I got up and got it done.  Albeit late, but still got it done. 

2 mile walk at 1.5 mile run complete followed by the gym, for 1.5 hours, after work for....Muscle endurance training.  Hang cleans are going to be the death of me.  I'm already sore. Let see how easily I get up tomorrow morning...laff!

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