Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a day!

Okay, so I had this in drafts and never posted it. This is from Monday 01/19/09:

What a day we had here at Grande. It was very stressful watching my co-workers "leave", but I am just glad I was not one of them. I had a couple of (or a continuous) anxiety attacks today. I wish I had training with Cole today, but was really proud of myself for going to the Gym on my own. Actually, I think going to the Gym is the only thing that saved me today. I walked/ jogged for an hour with 30 minutes of continuous jogging @ 5.5 miles/hr! That is the first time of done this kind of running in a while. I know it is because I had so much pent of energy/ stress. I am just glad I had an outlet!

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